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I was trying to enjoy a nice round of bashing people to a pulp on Melee, and what do I get? I get whined at by Hinageshi to make an entry. What am I going to make an entry on? Sure...I do things, but that doesn't mean everyone wants to hear about the mundane rituals one old lady takes in her daily life.

Aside from that, who said I wanted to share. I have thoughts and things that really aren't anyone's business, only my own, and I don't need to make a journal entry to keep those thoughts perserved somewhere. Yes, things are different, things have happened, I'm working with Shizuru currently, and she's doing well. Nothing major to report.

Yes, I am honestly making an entry just to shut up Hinaeshi's whining. It's worth it, isn't it? Just a few key strokes, an entry is made, and then peace. Not a bad exchange if you ask me.
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